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Useful Acronyms

As our world becomes increasingly more filled with acronyms, it’s helpful to know some of the Newberry & Chicago Public Schools abbreviations:

The following is a list of parent/school groups:
LSC Local School Council (a governing body of the school consisting of the Principal, parent, community and teacher representatives)
FoN Friends of Newberry (Newberry’s 501c fundraising group)
PTO Parent-Teacher Organization (a volunteer task force of parents organizing activities that promote school spirit)
BAC Bilingual Advisory Council (parent group focused on meeting academic needs of students whose home language is other than English)
Title 1 PAC Title 1 Parent Advisory Council (an advisory group of parents who vote on the usage of federal Title 1 funding targeting Parental Involvement)
The following is a list of education-related assessment abbreviations & terms:
F&P Fountas & Pinnell reading assessment (a one-on-one assessment of a students comprehension and fluency)
NWEA-MAP Northwest Evaluation Association is the trademark company who developed the Measure of Academic Progress (online adaptive assessment) 
mCLASS A personalized mathematics assessment issued 2-3 times per year to Kindergarten & 1st graders
PARCC Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College & Careers (online assessment aligned to Common Core standards & administered to grades 3-8)  

The PARCC assessment serves as an “educational GPS system,” designed to measure students’ current performance in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.  It will point the way to what students need to learn in order to be ready for the next grade level, high school graduation, and for college or a career.

 CIWP  Continuous Improvements Work Plan (a 2-year school improvement plan guiding our work towards student academic & social-emotional success) 
 CCSS  Common Core State Standards 
 NGSS  Next Generation Science Standards
 IEP  Individual Education Plan (a blueprint or plan for a child’s special education experience at school)

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 504 Plan  A plan for how a child will have access to learning at school

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 IMPACT  Instructional Management Program & Academic Communications Tool:  IMPACT is a ‘one-stop’ for all forms of data entry within CPS such as enrollment, grades, disciplinary infractions, and curriculum/instruction assessment records
REACH Performance Task  Written or hands-on assessments administered at the beginning and end of a school year that measure acquisition of standards and skills in content areas.
 SEL  Social Emotional Learning is the process through which our students learn and apply knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to manage emotions and develop empathy.  At Newberry, we use the Second Step curriculum to explicitly teach these dispositions.

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 SQRP  The CPS School Quality Rating Policy is the District’s policy for measuring annual school performance.  
 EL / ELL  English Learner / English Language Learner
 Percentile  Describes a ranking amongst a sample pool.  Example: 70th Growth percentile means that that school’s growthis as good or better than 70% of schools nationally.
 Growth & Attainment  Growth:  Measured by calculating a student’s difference in scores between two points in time (pre-test and post-test).  It helps determine how much a student improved in a period of time.  For example, this is done comparing Spring-to-Spring NWEA tests.

Attainment:  A student’s achievement score measured and compared to other scores from one point in time.  It does not take into account any previous scores.  

The following is a list of teacher-led teams and/or departments you may see or hear about periodically
ILT Instructional Leadership Team (a group of teachers charged with
PPLC Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (a CTU committee who works with the Principal on curriculum issues)
PPC Professional Problems Committee (an in-school CTU committee who work on solving workplace-related concerns)
 ODLSS  Office of Diverse Learner Supports & Services 
 OAE  Office of Access & Enrollment – the CPS office who handles the waitlist for magnets and other selective enrollment schools
 BOE  Board of Education:  The Chicago Board of Education is responsible for the governance, organizational and financial oversight of Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
 PD  Professional Development (used in reference to a wide variety of specialized training, formal education, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness)
 BLT  Bilingual Lead Teacher 
 MTSS  Multi-Tiered Systems of Support is a framework for delivering differentiated instruction & targeted support for all students’ academic, behavioral and health/wellness needs.  This includes instruction and intervention for students requiring specific supports both inside and outside the classroom.