Walter L. Newberry Math & Science Academy
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Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Newberry Math and Science Academy strives to engage students of all abilities.  We encourage students  to participate not only during class but outside the classroom.

We provide physical education to all age levels.  In the preschool through 2nd grade our focus is on flexibility, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and simple game skills all in order to teach physical education enjoyment.

In the 3rd through 5th grade levels, we focus more on cardiovascular endurance and increased sports skills.

In the 6th through 8th grade we focus on increasing their knowledge of how the human body works and functions.  We also focus on developing their skill set.

Each class participates in physical education for 60 minutes each week.  The preschool and 8th grade classes each receive an additional 60 minutes per week.

At Newberry, the students not only enjoy class in a gym, but when the weather is nice, classes do get to enjoy P.E. outside on our playground and turf field. This creates a safe environment for the students who enjoy the outdoors.