Walter L. Newberry Math & Science Academy
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Math Curriculum

The math program at Newberry is one that uses a variety of resources and offers students a competitive advantage as they enter high school.  In grades K through 6, students use the Everyday Math program that was developed at the University of Chicago.  In grades 7 and 8, students use Pre-Algebra and Algebra texts from Glencoe.math-2

The two main goals for the Newberry math program are to create problem solvers and foster an enjoyment for mathematical challenges.  Our program is based on the idea that we are training students for jobs and industries that do not currently exist.  In order for our students to be prepared to compete in a global marketplace, it is vital that they learn more than a mathematical process.   They need a conceptual learning that can be transferred to future problems, not just future math problems.  In addition, our math program helps students understand that not all math problems have quick answers and not all problems have one correct answer.   Our students understand that struggling with a problem and attempting to solve a problem using multiple strategies is acceptable and encouraged.

When students graduate from Newberry’s math program, they are at an advantage heading into high school.  As 8th graders, all Newberry students take Algebra I, which is a 9th grade math course.  While some will choose to retake Algebra I as a freshman, many opt to take an exam that allows them to place out of Algebra I and start in sophomore level Geometry.

In addition to the typical textbooks, our math program uses technology such as SmartBoards, Promethean Boards, Chromebooks, and iPads in the classroom.  The use of technology not only increases their engagement in the lesson but is necessary as we prepare our students for an ever-changing marketplace.

The 2nd – 4th Grade Experience

math-1Beginning in Grade 2, the teacher-student ratio is split in half for math classes and we make this possible by having two separate Math instructors in these grade levels.  At Newberry, we believe in personalizing the learning experience to the best degree possible.  Our belief in personalizing mathematics in these grade levels allows students to better articulate their learning while developing proficiency in the various math standards assessed within Everyday Math.  The goal here is that by Grade 5, students have developed math knowledge to the extent that they, too may take a lead in their own learning and demonstrate their literacy in this subject area.