Walter L. Newberry Math & Science Academy
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Local School Council

The Newberry Local School Council is the site-based management team of the school. The LSC also determines how school funds and resources are allocated and monitors the budget on an ongoing basis. The LSC directly evaluates and selects the school principal and determines whether the principal’s contract will be renewed at the end of its term. In addition, the LSC advises the principal on attendance and disciplinary policies at the school in accordance with Board rules; it may initiate a policy regarding uniforms or dress codes if requested; it also may grant the use of assembly halls and classrooms when not otherwise needed pursuant to Board Rules and Policies.
Overall, the Newberry LSC oversees that the programs and policies implemented by the school are in accordance to the school’s Mission and that the school’s goals are achieved.


LSC Mission

Newberry Math and Science Academy maintains high expectations for all. We educate students of diverse backgrounds through a scientific and mathematical problem solving approach to academic and social learning. Individual interests, needs and learning styles are addressed through an integrated curriculum, preparing students to participate fully in our global community. The Newberry LSC generally meets on the third Monday of each month starting at 6:30 pm in the school’s library. These are working meetings with specific opportunities for public input.


Newberry LSC Members:

  • Lydia Murray, Chair
  • Gladys Hansen-Guerra – Co-Chair
  • Chris McGuire, Secretary
  • Linda Foley, Principal
  • Andrea Bonanno, Teacher Representative
  • Joshua Greenberg, Teacher Representative
  • Patrick Cullen, Community Representative
  • Kathleen Haggerty, Community Representative
  • Jasmine Alexander, Parent Representative
  • Cully Wahtola, Parent Representative
  • Timothy Kramer, Parent Representative
  • VACANT, Non-teaching Staff Representative

LSC Meetings & Minutes