Walter L. Newberry Math & Science Academy
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Fine & Performing Arts

Art Curriculum

As a proud part of the new Fine Arts Department at Newberry Academy, Studio 211 immerses students in the fascinating world of the Visual Arts.  Young artists in preschool through the eighth grade are introduced to the artistic styles and artworks of the masters, arts of different cultures, the creative process and a plethora of ways that we can “color outside the lines”.  Together we will discover our inner artists through the completion of projects in multiple medias, including drawing, painting, three dimensional design, ceramics and mixed media.  Continuing throughout the school year, young artists-in-training explore the different elements of art: color, tone (value), form, texture, shape, space, size (proportion) and line.

Music Curriculum

Our music program here at Newberry services all students in grades Pre-K through 8th, and covers a wide range of topics/activities.  Students learn music appreciation through song, movement, performing on instruments, music notation and video.  While primary grades focus more on singing, notation and movement activities, intermediate/upper grades focus more on integrating notation and current musical trends into classroom-based performances.

Mr. Feliciano Leading from the Piano

Newberry Students Learning Beat Patterns

Piano Leadership

Dance Curriculum

The dance program will incorporate instruction in dance  for students in grades K through 8. The students are given the opportunity to experience dance as art in an educational setting, performing, creating, responding and connecting their dance learning to their own experience.  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of dance/movement, food and nutrition, functions of anatomy, and the process of choreography and performance as an art-form using different styles introduced. The class is intended to assist in provide the American Heart Associations suggestion of 75-150 min moderate level- vigorous level of physical activity for school age children.

Curriculum will include but not limited to studies in.

  • Dancers as athletes
  • Food as energy and Function in Movement
  • Anatomy and Dance
  • Injury Prevention and Safety
  • History of Dance
  • Choreographers of Note
  • Cultural styles of Dance
  • Dance as Art and Life

Attire for class

  • Same as Dress code for Gym
  •  Gym shoes/socks
  • Leggings, jogging pants, athletic wear
  • Dance attire is fine to wear