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Bobcat Bucks

Newberry Math and Science Academy Bobcat Bucks: 

Students can earn Bobcat Bucks in and out of their classroom by simply exhibiting one of Newberry’s Five Finger Values including: Safety, Commitment, Respect, Accountability and Fun! All Newberry teachers and staff participate and bucks are rewarded throughout the school. Each Friday during lunch, students are able to spend their hard earned Bucks at the Newberry’s Bobcat Bucks Store, where items can be purchased from $5 Bucks, including pencils and notebooks, all the way up to $20 Bucks! Students are also able to save their Bucks and redeem them for larger prizes like eating lunch with their favorite teacher, getting their picture on the Bobcat Wall of Fame or getting extra recess time. A new calendar is produced every month with new prizes for students to choose from.

Last year, Bobcat Bucks were a great success! The Bobcat Store was always buzzing with activity and excitement on Fridays and many students looked forward to redeeming their Bucks for some of the larger prizes including the Harlem Shake (see below) and movie day.


Newberry Students Cashed in Their Bobcat Bucks to do the Harlem Shake! 

In May, Newberry Upper Grade students had a chance to cash in their Bobcat Bucks earned through good behavior and good citizenship, to participate in a Harlem Shake video in the school gymnasium.  We are so pleased to know that our Upper Grade students have saved up their Bobcat Bucks so that they could be a part of such a fun activity!

Watch the Newberry Harlem Shake video.