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Leaders Grow Here!

Newberry cultivates a positive, safe and academically rigorous environment that develops the whole person and empowers students to thrive as leaders


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Newberry is an Option for Knowledge Magnet Elementary School with a focus on math, science and technology. The science program offers exceptional experiences in physical and biological disciplines with an emphasis on observation, investigation and critical thinking. Newberry has adopted the University of Chicago ‘Everyday Mathematics’ Program which is producing highly positive standardized test results. It has a strong basic curriculum in the primary grades that gives students the skills to transition to more independent learning in the upper grades.

All classes are literature and writing intensive requiring students to improve their oral and written communication skills. Newberry supports and nurtures students. It has a proud history of family longevity by serving students whose parents, and in some cases grandparents, attended Newberry.

As a result of the ‘Newberry’ experience, all students will realize that school and the world of work are different stages of the same activity, ‘learning.’ The Newberry family is aware of life’s opportunities and maintains high expectations for its students, teachers, parents, administration and community.


2016-2018 Continuous Improvement Works Plan (CIWP) Goals are as follows:

Strategy 1:  If we develop a common structure that supports school-wide norms and practices around physical and emotional safety in which positive behaviors are taught and reinforced, then we see consistency in teacher/student understanding of of improved safety, behaviors and school climate.  

Strategy 2:  If we develop a cycle that analyzes student tasks for rigor and alignment to Common Core standards, then we see teacher teams who understand and develop rigorous learning tasks throughout the year, which leads to high quality student work.

Strategy 3:  If we further develop a program that increases teacher and student leadership, responsibility, and social-emotional learning, then we see staff and students seeking out leadership and support roles within the school and their community.

Newberry’s 2016-2018 CIWP

Principal Foley’s 2017 State of the School Presentation 

Principal Foley’s 2017 School-wide Data Presentation 


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